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Kataria Engineering, Since 1981

Kataria Engineering Works has become an old name with quality services. We have started our company name with Sonu Works but later people started getting knowing us with the name of Kataria. So we thought to register the company with it’s name. We believe there is nothing in name, its all about Quality and Relationship.

Single Action Power Press

We have adjusted and incorporated Visual Composer plugin into our theme. You can easily build unlimited number of layout, because you can visualize what you will get at site page in the process of creation. Also it is very easy to rearrange and edit already created layouts.


Double Action Power Press

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Extensive Style Options

Astra theme comes with 9 predefined color schemes. But you can go beyond them – adjust one of predefined or create your very own color scheme! Every color on the page can be changed.


What others say about us

Brilliant! Thank yo so much! You’ve been most helpful, and I am very happy with the theme and your service! Thank you again! (for sure, I’ll recommend you further)
topgradeenglish , Buyer of our products
Your template design has been one of the easiest WordPress template integration projects for me to date. Thank your such a well designed theme and terrific support!
design-first, Buyer of our products

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